The Swiss Community of Emergency Medicine (SCEM) is a commission of the Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine (SGNOR) with the objective of creating a national platform for swiss ED providers (e.g. physicians, nurses, paramedics) to discuss all matters EM (including prehospital, catastrophe medicine, etc), and help promote national standards of care.

In order to facilitate an open discussion, and give all providers a voice, SCEM was created as a “bridge” between providers and the SGNOR. To avoid regionalism and language barriers, we choose English as the official language of SCEM.

If you are joining SCEM you will send to you a newsletter in a regular way to keep you informed about the actual discussions of the community.

SCEM is open to all Emergency Medicine professionals, including (but not limited to) hospitalists and retrieval (=prehospital) physicians, but also paramedics and nursing staff. Registering to SCEM is mandatory to see and participate to the discussions in the forum. Your registration will be proofed by the staff of SCEM.

Interested in joining SCEM and taking part in a project (or creating your own)? Interested in knowing how SCEM operates? Please register and join the team!